Lily foundation

The Lily Foundation is proud to be the official charity partner of Euromit 2020.

As the UK’s leading mitochondrial disease charity, we represent thousands of people living with the daily impact of a mitochondrial disorder. Patients and their families are ultimately our best source of knowledge about how mitochondrial diseases can affect lives. Our charity is committed to listening and responding to patient needs, and bringing them to the attention of healthcare professionals, policy-makers and the wider public. Euromit 2020 is an ideal platform for this, and we are grateful to the conference’s organising committee for this valuable opportunity to bring the ‘patient voice’ into the global conversation about mito.

Our presence at Euromit 2020

Alongside the main conference we’ll be hosting a dedicated patient day, where patients and their families can engage directly with clinicians, researchers and scientists to share knowledge and experiences. We’ll also be presenting a series of video case-studies throughout the main conference, to illustrate the different ways people are affected by mitochondrial diseases.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of people affected by mitochondrial diseases today, while working towards a future where mitochondrial diseases can be effectively treated or cured. We are actively pursuing these objectives in three key ways:

  1. We provide integrated, ongoing support to people affected by mitochondrial diseases.
  2. We educate, inform and raise public awareness about mitochondrial diseases.
  3. We fund and promote research into mitochondrial diseases to advance the development of effective treatments and therapies.

Get involved

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